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Why work for i2i Recruitment?

The Challenge

Recruitment is a specialist career, and not everyone is suited to it.

You need to be resilient, driven, confident and hard-working as well as great at working independently and as part of a larger team. We’re all about team-work here at i2i.

Some agencies can be very individual focused, here at i2i we all work towards the same goals helping each other whenever required.

Recruitment isn’t easy and can be frustrating, but the rewards can be great.

Potential Earnings

Recruitment can be lucrative Рif you put the work in.

The better you are at delivering your clients’ recruitment requirements the more likely you are to hit your targets. And hitting targets means getting commission.

Another great thing about i2i Recruitment is that there aren’t many restrictions on potential clients in the area. This means that someone who puts in the time and work could¬†attract more clients and expand their earning potential.

Progression and Development

The great thing about i2i Recruitment is that because we’re such a large agency there is always room for progression. This might be within a team, across teams or into different divisions.

In the recruitment industry, although not guaranteed, the better your performance the better your progression – unlike some other industries where it’s based on time served or waiting for someone to leave.

At i2i Recruitment like to develop their staff in-house. With comprehensive training and shadowing of experienced team members, we get new members of staff in and working as soon as possible.

This is great for new members of the team as they get real hands-on experience straight away. The training is unique to us and why we’re so successful in our field.

Work Variety

Working at i2i Recruitment will be a hugely varied role where no two days are the same.

As a resourcer, consultant or senior consultant you will be trying to hit targets through a level of autonomy you might not be given elsewhere.

You could be registering or interviewing candidates in the office, out visiting a client to learn more about them or a new role, negotiating contracts or candidate salaries, attending events or running mass interview preparation for large clients, plus much more.

It’s never boring!

The Fun

At i2i we like to make sure everyone enjoys their time at work. This doesn’t mean playing about all the time, it means working hard and being proud of the work we do.

We often all go for a drink or meal after work, especially after a quarterly meeting. Sometimes we’ll all get coffees into the office to get everyone ready for the day ahead.

We have pizza or burgers delivered to the office, go for lunch together, have days out with clients at events, have dress-down days, plus more.