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Improving employee engagement

Improving employee engagement is really important for all businesses.  When engaged employees feel part of the team they work smarter, promote your business and more.  Here are a few important things you can do to improve employee engagement:

  1. Ask employees to give ideas and feedback, about everything.
    Getting vital feedback, especially about improving employee engagement is vital.  Knowing what your colleagues think about all aspects of the business can really help dive into what is great, good, OK, poor and bad.  Changes can take time but knowing they’re being listened to can really help morale and engagement.
  2. Try and work together as much as possible, the more collaboration the better.
  3. Offer employees mentors.
  4. A reward for a good job, not an OK or bad one.
  5. Promote health and fitness.
    Something as simple as cycle-to-work schemes, or discounts at gyms can help promote fitness.  You could set-up a running or yoga group.  This all helps promote belonging.
  6. Be flexible.
  7. Make sure everyone knows their responsibilities.
  8. Offer good career progression or education.
  9. Use more than money as a reward.
  10. Celebrate staff; birthdays, anniversaries, new homes etc.
  11. Allow secondments between departments.
    This can be difficult to take…knowing a member of the team is looking to leave.  However, is it better that this person is happy and still within the company, or unhappy and still in the same department/team?  You may still incur training costs, of course, however, this person may have that company-spirit that you want.
  12. Offer internal promotions before looking externally.
  13. Give awards.
  14. Ask employees to help with hiring new staff.
  15. Days away/out.

These are only a few options for what to do in order to increase the engagement of staff in your business, there are always more.

One of our team helped organise forty people to travel to Bristol from Cheltenham to all take part in an escape room.  It wasn’t too much work and turned out really well.  All the employees who were involved enjoyed themselves and it was a great way for people to work together who hadn’t been that close before.

Good luck and let us know what you do to help increase engagement and we’ll add it to the list to help other companies.