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The new GCSE grades

This year some GCSE grades have been changed from the A-U letter grades to a wider ranging 9-1 numerical system.  So what does this actually mean?

It’s to do with the UMS – the Uniform Mark Scale.  This is a non-changing grade boundary that isn’t affected by the individual exam boards.  Whilst we transition across from alphabetic grades to numerical people will want to be able to compare them.  The following table explains the grading structure comparing the two methods:

New structure Current structure
9 A* – A

6 B – C

3 D – E – F – G


The new structure will cause some confusion for a little while but it seems to have been widely accepted as a good change by schools.  Students and parents, as well as employers, are all going to have to quickly understand the changes.

For example, if an employer is looking for 5 GCSE at A* – C, this will now need to be 5 GCSEs at 4+.

If you need more information, the exam boards have released the grade boundaries:

The last thing to say is good luck!!