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Work Problems And How To Deal With Them

A lot of people have work problems; sometimes your work life doesn’t always go to plan…

Maybe you don’t feel that friendly with colleagues, or the workload feels too high.  Whatever the work problems there should always be ways to overcome them.  We’ll try and go through a few of the common ones below.


Work Problem: you’re not feeling valued at work.
How To Fix: don’t hide your achievements, brag…a little bit.

Unfortunately, as work problems go, this is a common issue.  If you feel that all your hard work goes unnoticed it’s easy to believe what your doing has no value.  This is no fault of your own, of course.  And this isn’t the end of it, because feeling undervalued causes reduced motivation and productivity as well as lowering general happiness.  The worst bit is that it can affect your work life and home life.

So what can you do?  Take it into your own hands, you know the true extent of the work you do, as such let people know.  This can be during meetings, catch-ups, one-to-ones, via email or whilst walking over to the local supermarket to buy your lunch.

But remember, you can’t expect everything you do to be noticed and praised, especially the smaller bits of your role.  And don’t go fishing for compliments every 10 minutes!


Work Problem: you’ve accidentally made a mistake.
How To Fix: step-up, take responsibility and learn.

Everybody makes mistakes, some large and some small – but everyone does it.  In most cases, luckily, it’s the way you deal with it that really counts to managers.

If you make a mistake, it can be intimidating to go and admit it to someone, but trust us, it’s much worse if you ignore it.  So, go directly to your line manager and explain everything.  Apologise and make sure you let them know you understand what you did wrong and that you’ve learnt from this already, or how you will learn from this.

Next, explain the plan to mitigate ongoing work problems to all customers, colleagues and the business.


Work Problem: distractions make working difficult.
How To Fix: try and identify the individual distractions and reduce them.

Everyone has certain things that distract them.  Some people have more than others, and some people are better at ignoring them, but everyone does have them.

It could be a group WhatsApp, social media, Candy Crush Saga, your mobile phone in general, people around you, the radio, or a combination of all of these.  Whatever your poison is, you need to fully admit it to yourself so that you can put changes in place to reduce the effects.

Some will be easier than others.  For example, removing your phone as a distraction can be as easy as leaving it in your car, drawer, bag, or even at home.  Getting away from the hustle of a busy office can be a lot more difficult, especially if you don’t have home-working or hot-desks.  This would require an honest conversation with your manager about how to reduce its effects on you.  You could request to be allowed to listen to music for a couple of hours a day, maybe?


Work Problem: other members of the team aren’t easy to work with.
How To Fix: always be the bigger person.

As hard as you try, you’re not going to get on with everyone, and that’s ok.  It can be difficult trying to keep a conversation going no matter how hard you a trying.

So how can you fix it?  Firstly, try politely talking to them about how their behaviour makes you feel and that it might affect others too.  Often this will resolve the issue as they may not realise they’re coming across in a certain way.  However, if this doesn’t work for you it might be wise to escalate this to your manager.

Although, please remember that you don’t have to like all your colleagues, just work with them.


We know these aren’t all the work problems that can occur, but we hope it provides a start.  At i2i Recruitment we pride ourselves on being the most personal recruitment agency in the South-West, this is only possible through communication.  So if you’re not happy, and the above doesn’t help (sorry about that), why not come to talk to us about you, your skills and experience.

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