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How to behave at work

Whether you have had lots of jobs or you’re just about to start your first, the first day can be daunting.  How do you act?  What do you do?  We’ll go through some of the best practices make sure your first day goes without a hitch.

One thing to remember is that if you’re new, a lot of companies will give you the benefit of the doubt because you are new.  This is great, and forgiveness can go a long way.  However, you must learn from mistakes and make sure you grow.

Here are some top tips from our consultants here at i2i Recruitment:

  • Don’t try too hard – Being too confident can come across as pushy and arrogant.  For example, thinking you know a better way of doing something on your first day, even if it’s correct, might make people feel uneasy.
  • Ask questions – It’s always better to ask questions if you don’t know than sit and do nothing hoping that someone will come and help.  You shouldn’t be made to feel like you’re an inconvenience, but if you do apologise and ask anyway.
  • Be punctual – On your first day you should act similarly to the way you did in your interview.  You want to turn up slightly early and make sure that you are on best behaviour.  You can relax as the days go on, but you will want to get a feel for the office before starting to relax.
  • Take a notepad – A notepad is really useful, even if all you add is a quickly jotted desk-plan with everyone’s names on.  You can also add notes about; what people do, what different areas of the office specialise in, when you are expected to take lunch and breaks etc.  You do NOT want to be noting all this stuff on your phone.  It would look unprofessional to even have it out unless you need it for your job.
  • Put yourself forward – Sometimes first days will coincide with really busy days at the office.  You may find yourself running out of things to do.  If this is the case you shouldn’t feel bad about asking for more work to do.  From a company point of view, it’s always great to see a new colleague asking if they can help in some way.
  • Be sociable – Interact with as many people as possible as quickly as possible.  Getting to know your fellow colleagues is really important.  If you get on with everyone you’ll enjoy being at work even more.  The longer you wait to introduce yourself to people, the more awkward it will become.
  • Dress smart – A bit like the interview, it’s always best to dress too smart than not smart enough.  Once you start getting a feel for the office culture and dress code you can start to relax a bit more – if it’s acceptable of course.