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With a combined 75 years (as of 2018) experience in the recruitment industry, i2i Recruitment is perfectly placed to help you in your career.  Whether you’re looking for your first job, a new career or the next step in your current career, we can help.

We are pooling our knowledge and are releasing help and advice for you to read through.  We’ll try to help you start or strengthen your CV, research a company, prepare for an interview, and what to do next.

Take some time and read the below to get yourself into the best position possible.

CV Tips

We see 100’s of CVs a week.  We know what’s good and what’s bad, what’s worth adding and what isn’t.  Read our handy guides below for lots of advice.

Why, when and how to write a covering letter
We get asked about cover letters all the time. Why do candidates need them, when should I write one and how do I do it? Hopefully, the following will help you out.
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CV Updates - Why it pays to do them
Whilst you may want to save time and effort by creating (and then sending) generic applications, you could actually be harming your chances of getting your dream role. But why is this?
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Writing a perfect CV

Writing the perfect CV can take some time, we’re not going to lie. What makes it hard is sculpting it specifically to the role you are applying for. You should prepare to take your time and get it right.  Read more >

The biggest CV mistakes

Some of the biggest CV mistakes found by our consultants are easily avoidable but even easier to make.  The problem is once you press ‘send’ on that email it’s too late to change anything.  Read more >

Job Search

Searching for a new job might sound easy, but once you start it can become daunting.  There are hundreds of slightly different roles all over the region.  Narrowing them down can take time.  Read out guides about how to start and how we can help, here at i2i Recruitment.

What to choose as a first job
Looking for your first job is really exciting…and intimidating. There is a whole world out there full of jobs that most people have probably never heard of. So where do you start?
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Career Path Information: Sales
Becoming a great sales person is something that takes determination and the willingness to take rejection. All you need to do is make sure you really push yourself. Do you want to know more?
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The new GCSE grades

This year some GCSE grades have been changed from the A-U letter grades to a wider-ranging 9-1 numerical system. So what does this actually mean?  Read more to find out >

Inside The Job: Events Manager

Events management is the type of job where people either really want to get involved or feel like they wouldn’t get on with it at all.  It’s an immersive role that can take up a lot of time and a huge amount of effort.  But, it’s completely worth it when an event all comes together.  So what can an events management role entail?  Read more >

Job Description: Accountant

Accountancy is one of the most transferable skills out there.  Accountants actually do run the world of business.  So what is a typical accountant role?  Read more >

Interview Advice

As well as CVs we also see hundreds of candidates a week.  Part of what we do is helping candidates get ready for their interviews.  Helping prepare for an interview means we help give you the edge in case there are other people going for the job too.  Read our guides below.

Interview tips
Interviews are daunting at the best of times. Even more so if you really want the job. Here are some interview tips for getting job offers.
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Interview preparation
Interviews can be extremely daunting, especially if it’s your first. You are going to feel nervous and under pressure, but don’t worry everyone feels the same. However, there are ways of reducing the nerves.
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Typical interview questions

Here is a list of questions that are popular at the moment.  This is not, and cannot be a definitive list of questions but we’ll add any new ones we think of in the future or any that become popular in the future.  Read more >

‘Out-of-the-box’ and strange interview questions

Sometimes interviewers like to throw odd questions at you to see how you handle the situation.  Some of these questions won’t have answers that can be checked, but they’re more about how you try and come up with your answer.  Read more >

Calming your nerves before an interview

There’s no denying it.  An interview can be a really daunting prospect, especially if it’s your first.  So how can you help calm yourself down before an interview to stop you freezing mid-sentence?  Read more >


Starting a new job can be quite daunting.  Read our guides on how to handle it, what to do and how to behave.

Explained: Tax and Tax Codes
Tax is a complicated subject and a lot of people ask questions about thier tax. We've put a guide together to give you a helping hand.
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Smashing the glass ceiling
Glass ceilings can be a very real concern for a lot of people in the working world. It’s commonly associated with women and minority workers but can affect anyone. So how do you go about breaking through?
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Dealing with problems at work

A lot of us have work problems; sometimes your work life doesn’t always go to plan…maybe you don’t feel that friendly with colleagues, or the workload is too high. Read more >

How to behave at work

Whether you have had lots of jobs or you’re just about to start your first, the first day can be daunting. How do you act? What do you do? We’ll go through some of the best practices make sure your first day goes without a hitch.  Read more >

Explaining your payslip

Getting your first payslip is always exciting.  It feels good to be paid for the work you have been doing.  But what do all the little bits mean and why are you being taxed that specific amount?  Read more >

The Depths of Microsoft Excel

We’ve all been there; “knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required”. But you’ve only used it in school, or years ago at a previous job. We’re going to try and help. This isn’t really a guide, it’s more of a base to find what you might need.  Read more >